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Changing the www root directory of Apache server in wamp ?

When it’s necessary to change your current www root folder to another folder,it needs some changes in your apache configuration file.

The file which is responsible for Apache configuration is called httpd.conf. if u already stared your wamp server, you will see wamp icon on start up.To get accees to httpd.conf file just click on the wamp icon then go to config files and select httpd.conf. WAMP provides quick access to certain important files, one of them being httpd.conf.

Now follow the steps below :

  • Find the documentroot in the file.
  • You should find a line that looks like DocumentRoot “C:/Program Files/wamp/www/”.
  • Copy that line then put a # in front of it: #DocumentRoot “C:/Program Files/wamp/www/”.
  • We put the # character to comment this line.
  • Now paste this line and customize the root folder(www) path to  DocumentRoot “D:/Projects/”In this case let us assume that the root folder is in the “Projects” folder of your “D” drive.
  • If you search again as above you’ll find another line like: <Directory “C:/Program Files/wamp/www/”>.
  • Again copy the line, put a # in front, paste copied line below and adjust it to  <Directory “D:/Projects/”.
  • Now save the file and restart your Apache server to make the changes in action.

Hope it works :D :D

from : http://amilan.wordpress.com/2009/07/03/changing-the-www-root-directory-of-apache-server-in-wamp/



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